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Sectioned Garage Door Vs Solid Garage Door, Pros and Cons

Are you trying to decide whether you should purchase a sectioned garage door or a solid one? This decision requires a lot of careful consideration. Why? A garage door does more than add curb appeal to a home. It helps to keep your vehicle safe or it improves the protection that you provide for the property that you store inside your garage.

This means that you should not only consider the aesthetics of your garage door. You should also be concerned with the functionality and effectiveness of it. Will you benefit more from having a sectioned garage door or is it more beneficial to have a solid door? At Optimal Garage Repair in Downtown Miami, we can assist you in making this crucial decision. Let us assist you.

Solid Garage Doors

Solid garage doors are also called swing garage doors. In some cases, people also refer to it as a one piece. Of course, this is self-explanatory because it means that there are no sections to it. These garage doors tend to be much more inexpensive than a sectioned one although depending on the material that is used to make it, the price may get higher.

If you are very concerned about how much it will cost to purchase your garage door, this may be the better option for you. You will not have to break the bank to have this type of garage door at your home. If you are thinking of a solid garage door, you have many options to choose from as it relates to the material used to make it and the finish that will be used on the door. This makes it much more versatile as it relates to aesthetics. You can vary the materials and the finishes to suit your particular taste so it is very customizable.

Sectioned Garage Doors

There are many benefits of a sectioned garage door as well. Some people believe that this type of garage door is safer than the solid door. This is because they do not operate by the use of extension springs. Once extension springs are used to operate a garage door, there is always the possibility of the spring being damaged. A damaged spring is no good for your garage door because this makes it ineffective as a means of protecting the property that you have in your garage.

It is also a bit easier to repair damages to a sectioned garage door. If there is a dent or some other form of damage to the door, it is easy and much more cost effective to replace a panel in the door rather than replacing the entire door. However, since these doors usually cost more initially, you may want to consider the factors that are most important to you.

Pros and Cons of Sectioned Garage Doors and Solid Garage Doors

Each type of garage door comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. You therefore have the task of making the decision that is best for you and the valuables that you want to protect. Here are some things you should consider when making your choice.

Pros of Sectioned Garage Doors

  • They do not use extension springs so they tend to be safer.
  • They are easier and less expensive to repair because you can replace a single panel rather than the entire door.

Cons of Sectioned Garage Doors

  • They require more cleaning/maintenance because dirt can easily get trapped between the panels etc.
  • They are more expensive to purchase initially.
  • The door can get stuck if panels are out of place while the door is being closed or opened.

Pros of Solid Garage Door

  • It requires little maintenance because there are no panels for dirt to be trapped in.
  • It is less expensive to purchase initially.
  • It can be customized easily because you can vary the materials and finishes that are used on the door.

Cons of Solid Garage Door

  • It uses extension springs that may get broken and render the door ineffective.
  • You may have to replace the entire door if it is damaged.

Which Garage Door Should You Choose?

The choice that you make regarding a garage door is really something that needs to made on an individual level. There is really no one choice that will fit all. There are cases where one door is simply just a better choice than the other one. In some cases, you may just not be able to afford a sectioned garage door, in another case you may be more concerned with curb appeal rather than the safety that a garage door can provide.

Whatever the case, we have professional, well trained and experienced technicians at Optimal Garage Repair in Downtown Miami who can install that garage door for you. There is absolutely no reason for you to pay ridiculously high prices when we keep our prices affordable. Give us a call so we can discuss which garage door is better for your situation.

We always have a technician who can assist you. If you are in Downtown Miami or you live close by, we extend our services to you. Do not use a company that will make recommendations because of the amount of profit that they can generate from a sale. Call us. We have your best interest at heart and we will help you to make a decision that is relevant to your situation and your budget. We will work with you to achieve the result that are best for you, your family and your property.

Take advantage of the free consultation and price quote that we offer to all our customers. You can know exactly what you are getting yourself into before you make a commitment to hiring our service. Hire professionals to install your garage door. Let the qualified and experienced technicians at Optimal Garage Repair in Downtown Miami help you to make the right choice about your garage door today. We are sure that you will be happy with the service that we provide.

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